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Poor service drags down Bandolero visit

Chef Mike Isabella, owner of Bandolero

Chef Mike Isabella, owner of Bandolero restaurant in Georgetown, pictured in this 2009 photo when he was still the executive chef at Zaytinya. Photo by flickr user Alicia Griffin.



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3241 M Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Remind me, again, why I avoid Georgetown? Oh yeah, that’s right — traffic sucks, everything’s over-priced, there’s no Metro stop, too many tourists.

As if I needed another reminder, there’s the meal I just had at Mike Isabella’s Bandolero, a small-plate Mexican restaurant on M Street.

Originally, we had reservations at Izakaya Daikaya, which coincidentally is underneath Isabella’s Graffiato restaurant in Chinatown. But because we had a last-minute invite to a reception in Georgetown, we switched our reservations to Bandolero, a place we’ve been wanting  to check out.

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Date Night: Table hot in more ways than one

Table restaurant D.C.

The display kitchen in Table restaurant is the focal point of the downstairs dining room.


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903 N Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.


Here’s a quick tip for you husbands and boyfriends out there: When you suggest that you and your significant other check out the new pizza joint across the street from your home and she says, “We could go there . . . or we could go to Table” — it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where to make the reservation.

So Table it was for this week’s date night excursion.

First of all, reservations are recommended but we walked up at about 7 p.m. without them and were seated immediately in the downstairs section.

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Voltaggio: Veggie burgers just don’t work


Chef Bryan Voltaggio at Volt, his marvelous restaurant in Fredericksburg, Md. Photo by flickr user Alicia Griffin.

Do check out Range, Bryan Voltaggio’s new meatery in Chevy Chase. Don’t ask for a veggie burger. Voltaggio, he of Top Chef fame, on mashing veggies into patties:

“Look, I am sorry, but if you are that hard up for a burger — eat a burger. If you are trying to fit in with the burger crowd, it does not work on my deck. Continue reading

5 FAQs for the Gastro Gnomist

At some point, I’ll actually get around to blogging about food. Until then, I think I’ll continue introducing myself and answering everyone’s burning questions. And by everyone, I mean my wife, who may or may not be the blog’s only reader. Honey, are you there?

So, consider these the five most frequently asked questions about this blog that have yet to be asked by an actual living person other than myself.

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A new food blog — it’s what’s for dinner

D.C. needs another food blog like it needs another small-plate restaurant, which is to say not a lot. But that won’t stop you from checking it out. Will it? Maybe a better analogy would be that blogs are like assholes, everyone’s got one.

Anyways, I like to blog and I like to eat. And that’s my bona fides in a nutshell.